Management Team

The Pivot Park Screening Centre is the responsibility of the Pivot Park Management Team. The Pivot Park Screening Centre Operational Management Team is composed of:

Stan van Boeckel, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer

With more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Stan van Boeckel was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of PPSC in June 2012. His experience ranges from small molecules to bioconjugates. Among other accomplishments, his work at Organon led to the introduction of the new antithrombotic drug Arixtra®. From 1997‐2004 he was responsible for a new Lead Discovery Unit at Organon comprising HTS facilities, assay development and Hit-to- Lead Chemistry. In the period 2004‐2011 he was Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Organon/ MSD in Oss. He received his doctorate in bio‐organic chemistry in 1982 at Leiden University. He has held a professorship at Leiden University since 1993.

Jacques van den Broek – Screening Operations Manager

Jacques van den Broek was appointed Head of Screening at PPSC in December 2012. He has a background in pharmaceutical research in fields ranging from lab automation and IT, to biology and screening. He studied histology, tissue culturing and physiology, and pharmacology at the Dr. Ir W.L. Ghijsen Institute, Utrecht (1978-1982). He has also followed a number of biology and IT courses at the Open University.  He started at Organon in 1982 in the fields of electron microscopy and image analysis. In 1995 he became Research Technology Coordinator for Organon (and it’s successors) and played a key role in setting up four generations of screening systems, compound logistics and data processing infrastructures. In 2012 he started the laboratory automation company LAC4LS.

Steven van Helden, Ph.D.  – Chief Technology Officer

Steven van Helden has a twenty five-year history in the pharmaceutical industry and was a fundamental actor in the founding of PPSC. He obtained his doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry in 1992 and then joined Organon’s molecular modelling department. Using chemoinformatics and database technologies, he contributed to a range of research projects, mainly in the field of nuclear receptors. After two years in Newhouse, Scotland, where he streamlined compound selection and acquisition for screening, he returned to Oss to become head of Screening & Technologies. In this function, he set up a new infrastructure for in-vitro screening, ran screening operations for nine years and, after two US take-overs, contributed to a screening strategy for the new combined company.

Helma Rutjes, Ph.D. – Chief Operations Officer

Helma Rutjes was appointed Head of Assay Development at PPSC in May 2013. She has a solid background in Medical Biology in fields ranging from neurology, developmental biology and diabetes, to innate immunity and cancer. While working towards her doctorate (1996-2001) on Alzheimer’s disease and a subsequent post-doctorate on renal cell carcinomas (2000-2006), she gained ample experience in cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. From 2006 to 2013, she worked as Head of Research & Development at Hycult Biotech, a Dutch Biotech company focused on assays, antibodies and proteins in the field of innate immunity.

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