Master level Internship project in assay development and HTS at COILED/PPSC

13 Mar 2018 News Juul Zwinkels

The Center of Open Innovation in Lead Discovery (COILED) is a unique drug discovery program that   focuses on the delivery of next generation small-molecule immune-modulatory drugs. It is a close collaboration between Radboud University, Radboudumc, Inntrest Consultancy, Pivot Park Screening Centre, Pansynt and BioAxis Research.

COILED focuses on ‘trained immunity’, a phenomenon based on the ground-breaking research by Prof. Mihai Netea, at the Department of Experimental Internal Medicine at Radboudumc. Prof. Netea showed that, in contrast to more traditional views, the innate immune system has a memory. Mechanistic studies demonstrated that this trained immunity is based on reprogramming of the epigenetic code by specific histone-modifying enzymes. The result is that the DNA of the immune cells is left in a state of high alert for several months following an immunological insult or infection. Derailed innate immune memory plays a role in hypo- as well as hyper-inflammatory diseases furnishing new therapeutic avenues to treat unmet medical disease like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and sepsis.

COILED consortium is looking for a master level student who will develop/optimize, miniaturize and implement biochemical assays for high-throughput screening. The successfully developed biochemical assay will be used by the student to screen drug-like compound libraries against two epigenetic targets within a state-of-the-art industrial screening facility. The daily work will be performed at the Pivot Park Screening Centre (Oss) in close collaboration with Radboud University.

Experience in assay development and theoretical background in biochemistry is a big plus. The student needs to be able to work independently in an output driven industrial setting, be proactive and eager to learn.

If you are interested or like to have more information, please contact Dr. Saman Honarnejad ( Deadline: 31-March-2018

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