High quality drug-like compound library

Pivot Park Screening Centre (PPSC) has a high quality compound library available for your drug discovery project. This library consists of approximately 225,000 drug-like compounds. The compounds available for screening have been selected using industry-leading filters (e.g. structural, PAINS) and selection criteria to ensure that compound diversity is combined with tractability and lead-likeness. Moreover, we have access to additional interesting targeted compound libraries of several partners.

The collection consists of selections through relevant chemical space that sample:

Our library contains:

A subset of the compounds is unique to the screening centre; the remainder has been selected from a broad range of sources. In addition to screening solutions, compound subsets are available as solid material, making it easy to follow up on any screening hits. We can also support the screening of focused sets.

Read our brochure about High quality drug-like compound library for more information.

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