Assay Development Labs

The Pivot Park Screening Centre houses its own assay development group. A team of experienced and enthusiastic scientists are ready to provide you with assay development and optimisation services to generate HTS-ready format assays. We provide these services through consultation, or through complete hands-on development. We can help you miniaturize your assays to 384- or 1536-well formats, perform screens using our high-quality in-house compound library, and perform cherry picking and active confirmation as well as secondary screens and de-selection assays.

We also have our own cell culture facility to ensure that all necessary cell lines are prepared in the best condition. Our state-of-the-art flexible equipment (see Open Access and uHTS Facilities) is available for use during development and optimisation. Because the performance of a small number of experiments cannot be directly iterated in the performance of hundreds of plates, lab automation specialists and assay developers work together closely to optimise the necessary assay protocols. Optimising assays for HTS requires the generation of stable reagents and the logical timing of incubation periods, while taking the total assay time into consideration and maximising the total number of compounds to be tested. The assay development group at PPSC has the knowledge and expertise you need for complete assay development and optimisation.
We offer a wide range of assays (biochemical and cell-based) based on technologies such as:

In short: we offer every type of assay based on fluorescent, luminescent or absorption readouts. We are always open to generate or implement new technologies compatible with HTS.
Do you have the perfect target or ideas about an assay but no access to assay development or screening technology? Then contact the assay development group at Pivot Park Screening Centre.

Read our brochure for more information.

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