Open Access Lab

Our Open Access Lab, already in use in a closed, industrial setting for several years, now offers open-access availability for performing automated in-vitro screening experiments. Although originally designed to test large numbers of chemical samples, the system is equally suited for biological samples such as plant extracts or antibodies. This extremely flexible system runs a wide variety of cellular and biochemical assays and provides extensive support for sample handling and multiplication in microtitre plates.

The lab was designed to provide biologists with an easy-to-use automation infrastructure in which to perform all of their in-vitro testing experiments: assay development, HTS, follow-up, hit optimisation and lead optimisation. This was achieved by building five automation islands for different tasks in the discovery process. Each of the islands is based on similar instruments and is controlled by the same software. User-friendliness is further enhanced by overarching data-processing software, which eliminates all unnecessary manual tasks.

Like the uHTS facility, the Open Access Lab system supports all major assay technologies. It is designed to handle 384- and 96-well formats and includes Envision readers and a wide range of liquid handlers including eight Biomek pipetting workstations. Docking units provide flexibility and enable biologists to use the same instrument on different islands for different tasks. Many processes have been standardised to increase efficiency and quality. An experienced group of automation experts performs maintenance and ensures that all instruments are calibrated and verified on a regular basis.
External partners can perform their experiments efficiently using their own biology and our automation. The Pivot Park Screening centre team is on-hand to provide biological and technical knowledge on assay automation and ensure that customers have a smooth automation experience. Alternatively, our team can also perform all experiments and deliver results to the client. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and expert support makes this lab an ideal setting for open innovation.

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