uHTS Lab

Our uHTS lab hosts a brand new robotic system designed for (ultra) High Throughput Screening campaigns. The system can run the major HTS assay technologies based on fluorescence, luminescence and absorption readouts in 384- or 1536-well formats and produce up to 300,000 data points per day.

The lab also includes a wide range of high performance liquid handling instruments, enabling the easy optimisation of assays. Acoustic dispensing technology allows for the contact-free, low-volume handling of compound solutions and facilitates the cherry picking of active compounds on-line. The lab also provides online storage for up to 2.5 million samples in sealed microtitre plates in a controlled environment.
Because discovery research is continuously evolving resulting in new requirements for assays, flexibility was a key factor in the design of the uHTS system. The system consists of three pods featuring a robot arm surrounded by ten to twenty instruments. The pods are connected by a conveyor belt and can be operated as a single system or as three independent systems. To allow for the easy adaptation of the system’s configuration to the specific needs of projects, most of the instruments have been placed on carts. This flexibility also makes it possible to add new technologies and instruments without major investments to the core system.

Scientists with biological assays in search of a starting point for drug discovery or state-of-the-art screening facilities need look no further. Using our expertise in assay development and automation, we optimise the assay for automation and screen either the customer’s or our own compound collection.

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